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Oregon Community Food Systems Network Oregon

Matthew Buck


Lauren Gwin



Not a 501(c) yet; different (c)3 members have provided fiscal sponsorship. Two "backbone organizations" are OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems and Oregon Food Bank; The FPC has no formal connection to government.

Top Priorities

Diversity and inclusion; Governance structure; Strategic or policy planning; OCFSN members work across most of these, but as a Network, we do not yet have a specific set of policy priorities.

Notable Achievements

We have demonstrated that the Network has enough value to member organizations that these folks continue to engage on multiple fronts, attended the annual Convening in the largest #s yet, and are also recruiting new member organizations. We also now have enough organizational momentum and leadership team capacity that we are ready for deeper engagement and strategic direction, aligned around a shared vision: ""All Oregonians thrive with healthy affordable foods from an environmentally and economically resilient regional food system."" And a shared mission: ""The Oregon Community Food Systems Network brings people and organizations together to broaden understanding of issues, build relationships and trust, develop common purpose, and create collective capacity to realize our shared vision."""