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Webinar: Putting Federal Policies to Work - The Role of State and Local FPCs (2015)

This webinar discusses how local and state food policy councils (FPCs) have the potential to benefit from, and even influence, food system policies and regulations at the federal level. Learn about how FPCs can seek federal resources for their communities, and bring local issues to the attention of Congress and federal agencies, such as by submitting a comment on proposed legislation or contacting officials. A representative from the USDA also describes the various opportunities through which FPCs can engage with the USDA on the implementation of programs that impact local communities. Featured speakers include: Elanor Starmer, Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Agriculture; Kate Fitzgerald, Food Systems Consultant; and Mark Winne, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Senior Advisor. The "Visit website" below takes you to the Youtube recording of the webinar. The "Download resource" link below will allow you to download the slides. We also encourage you to read our accompanying resource, in which we describe many of the case studies discussed in the webinar in more detail, in addition to providing a how-to guide on engaging with the federal policymaking and regulatory process. The resource is available at: