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Photo: Art and Policy (2015)

By Bonnie Buckingham

Serving as Artist in Residence at the Community Food & Agriculture Coalition, artist and activist Claire Emery engages the public in discourse about food security, soil preservation, and protecting agricultural land at the Clark Fork Farmer’s Market. Using rich, organic soil from local farms, Claire sifts a soil circle on top of cement as an invitation for the public to consider the importance of preserving agricultural lands. CFAC embraces contemporary art as a powerful tool to activate the public in their Farmland: Save It Don’t Pave It Campaign, which aims to influence and improve county subdivision policy. By downloading this image, you agree to use the photo within the context that it was taken. You also agree to never use it for commercial purposes. The image always belongs to the original photographer and should be attributed to the photographer and Center for a Livable Future Food Policy Networks Photo Contest. Image credit: Bonnie Buckingham, Community Food and Agriculture Coalition; CLF Food Policy Networks Photo Contest, 2015