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Food Policy Networks Announces 2017 Photo Contest Winners

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) Food Policy Networks (FPN) project is pleased to announce the winners of our third annual food policy photo contest. We received 48 photo entries, double the number submitted last year! Thank you to the 27 people from 14 states that were willing to share pictures of the best and worst of times working in food policy. Three winners were selected in the each of the categories: ingenuity, humor and gratitude.  Winners receive a cash prize of $500, $250 or $100. Keep those cameras out as there will be another chance to win during the 4th annual photo contest to be announced later this year.


A depiction of an interesting or clever way to communicate to legislators, decision makers, or the public about food policy change.

1st place: Brian Oh, DC Greens – 2017 Grocery Walk for Food Justice in DC

2nd place: Renato Castelo, Everett Community Growers – Engaging Everett Residents in Planning for Open Space and Recreation

3rd place: Davida Andelman, Dorchester Food Co-op – Dorchester Dancing Veggies!


An image demonstrating a funny or amusing situation in your food policy work.

1st place: Ali Mendelson, Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council – Junior Soil Safety Inspector

2nd place: Sarah Galligan, Colorado Food Policy Network | UpRoot Colorado – Flying Cabbage

3rd place: Emily Axelbaum, City Schoolyard Garden – It’s Not Easy Being Collard Greens!

Honorable mention: Jill Egland, Kern Food Policy Council – Free Fruit with Gas Fill-up


An illustration of the moments of joy and appreciation encountered when changing the food system in your community.

1st place: Jennifer Horan, United Way of New York City – The Best Tomato of Her Life!

2nd place: Ali Mendelson, Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council – Garden of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

3rd place: Kendra Gibson, Lake County Community Food Council –  Exploration