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The FPN team provides training and technical assistance to FPCs and groups of FPCs that wish to collaborate on local, state, regional, and tribal food policy. Below is a sampling of past and future trainings that we have facilitated. Please contact for more information.

Upcoming Trainings and Webinars

  • Recovering Food in the Chesapeake Region: Policies, Resources and Innovations, June 27
    The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic are co-hosting a workshop on policies to reduce food waste and increase food recovery.  The workshop will present exciting new food recovery resources and opportunities to leverage policy to reduce wasting food in the food system. Workshop participants will discuss barriers to food recovery, gain inspiration from food waste reduction advocates and policy experts, and discuss policy options and reforms to support food waste reduction in the Chesapeake region.

  • Fundraising for Your Food Council, June 28
    The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future is delighted to host a workshop on how to harness the basic principles of fund raising, marketing and communications to advance the goals of your food policy council.  This collaborative, interactive and pragmatic workshop will provide an overview of the funding marketplace, engage councils in the development a strong case for your work, offer guidance on identifying funding prospects, discuss how to structure your council for effective funding support, and work with councils on the stewardship of donors and volunteers.  This workshop will be facilitated by fundraising expert Shelley Rae Rudick, Vice President of The Taft Organization and member of the Montgomery County Food Council.

Past Trainings and Webinars


  • Cultivating Food System Leadership for Racial Equity, May 2017
    This workshop was designed to help food policy councils understand how to better integrate racial equity on an everyday basis, in their organizational structure, developing partnerships, and making policy.  Expertly facilitated by Kristin Schwab, Philly food justice educator, and Esteban Kelly from the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, this daylong, interactive workshop provided space for food policy councils in the Chesapeake region to reflect on the challenges they face to expand food sovereignty and offered resources and guidance on how to operationalize equity throughout their work.

  • Values-based Food Procurement, May 2017
    The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future co-hosted a daylong workshop on values-based food procurement with the Center for Good Food Purchasing. This workshop brought together food policy leaders and institution representatives involved with purchasing food or setting policy related to food procurement to take a deep dive into the field of values-based procurement; explore the Good Food Purchasing Program approach that uses a holistic, policy driven framework for values-based purchasing; examine the existing procurement landscape, food chain infrastructure, and community capacity; and discuss the potential for enhanced regional collaboration around procurement.

  • Agriculture Policy Priorities for the Current Administration: From the US Department of Agriculture to State Departments of Agriculture, March 2017
    The FPN project welcomed Dan Glickman, former Secretary of Agriculture for the USDA and Bob Ehart, Senior Policy & Science Advisor for the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture for a conversation about the role of the USDA in the current administration and how federal changes will potentially impact state departments of agriculture, and food and farm policy, regulations and programs. View the archived webinar.

  • Finding Our Way Through the Political Fog: What’s Next for Food Policy in America, January 2017
    To kick off the new year and a new federal administration, the FPN project hosted a video conference call with food and farm policy experts talking about how the results of the 2016 Federal and state elections may impact food and farm policy priorities. Panelists were Kate Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald•Canepa, Ferd Hoefner, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and Robert Martin, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. View the archived webinar (note: the first 10 minutes of the call are not captured in the recording).
  • State supported government positions for local food systems, December 2016
    The FPN project and LiveWell Colorado cohosted a discussion for state food policy councils about state government positions in food systems.  The conversation featured Sarah Hanson, Office of Farm to Fork, California Department of Food and Agriculture; Amy Gilroy, Farm to School Program Manager, Oregon Department of Agriculture; Ali Zipparo, Food and Markets Senior Agriculture Market Development Specialist/NFSN State Lead, Vermont Agency of Agriculture; and, Bonita Oehlke, Market Development and Food Systems Planning, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources talking about the impact of their positions on local food systems and what food policy councils can do to support similar positions in their states. View the archived webinar.
  • Digging into the benefits of urban agriculture: How can and do food policy councils support urban ag?, November 2016
    This webinar, hosted by the FPN project, discusses how to frame the benefits of urban agriculture to policymakers and the public and presents examples from food policy councils in Kansas City, Missouri and Oakland, California about how to make progressive changes to support urban farmers through urban agriculture zones and tax incentives and by promoting racial and social inclusivity. View the archived webinar.
  • Food Policy Councils Short Course: Putting Local and State Food Policy into Action, November 2016
    Mark Winne, Anne Palmer and Karen Bassarab facilitated a preconference workshop on tools and strategies to increase effective selection and utilization of local and state food policies for food systems change. The workshop took place at the 2016 Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) Conference in Hartford, CT.
  • Food Policy Councils: Getting Started and Moving Forward, November 2016
    Mark Winne, Anne Palmer and Karen Bassarab presented a session on starting a food policy council, offering helpful tools for developing and operating new councils as well as enhancing the performance of existing ones. The workshop took place at the 2016 Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) Conference in Hartford, CT.
  • The How and Why of Local Government Support for Food Systems, November 2016
    The FPN project partnered with Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems (CRFS) and the International City-County Management Association (ICMA) to host a webinar about their 2015 national survey of local government leaders on policies, programs, plans, and partnerships that support local food systems. Ed Barrett, City Administrator for Lewiston, Maine, Holly Freishtat, Food Policy Director for the City of Baltimore, and County Commissioner Kathleen Holian from Santa Fe County joined the webinar to talk about how and why their local governments support local food and farm efforts. View the archived webinar.
  • Sowing Seeds at the State Level: How Legislatures Strengthen Local Food Systems, September 2016
    The FPN project welcomed the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and the Massachusetts Public Health Association to talk about state legislation in support of local and regional food systems. Learn about a recent report from the National Conference of State Legislatures called Harvesting Healthier Options: State Legislative Trends in Local Foods and hear about a new comprehensive food access policy passed in Massachusetts in 2014. View the archived webinar.
  • Chesapeake Food Policy Leadership Institute, April 2016
    CLF staff along with experts from across the local, state and federal food policy sector offered a second training for emerging and established food policy councils in the Chesapeake region. This training focused on leadership development to advance policy change, including assessment of policy options, storytelling, how to work with policy makers and evaluation.
  • Food System Change through Procurement Policy, April 2016
    The FPN project along with the Chesapeake Foodshed Network hosted a panel of five speakers to discuss regional, environmentally sustainable, just, and humane practices in institutional food procurement. This webinar offered an overview of the CLF report, Instituting Change, and an economic analysis of local food procurement in the Chesapeake region, and showcased the Good Food Purchasing Policy and its implementation in Chicago, IL. View the archived webinar.
  • Mobilizing for Policy Action, March 2016
    The FPN project along with the Chesapeake Foodshed Network welcomed Mark Winne, Kathy Green (Austin Travis County Food Policy Board), and Pam Roy (New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council) to discuss effective policy actions, including how to build public support for your policy proposal and how to garner interest from key decision makers. View the archived webinar.
  • Legal Levers of Food Policy, March 2016
    The FPN project along with the Chesapeake Foodshed Network welcomed the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic to talk about the legal, regulatory and administrative levers that a food policy council can pull to achieve effective policy change. View the archived webinar and read the accompanying toolkits on local and state food policy.
  • NESAWG Annual Conference, November 2015
    Mark Winne and Anne Palmer facilitated a food policy council session on engaging community and building diversity at the 2015 Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY.
  • Closing the Hunger Gap Food Policy Council Conference, September 2015
    Anne Palmer, Mark Winne and Paula Daniels hosted a one-day short course on how to develop a food policy council or enhance the performance of an existing food policy council at the Closing the Hunger Gap conference in Portland, Oregon.
  • Overview of Collective Impact and Its Application for Food Policy Councils, September 2015
    The FPN project and the Chesapeake Foodshed Network cohosted a webinar on collective impact and the potential for food policy councils to use this framework to organize groups from different sectors to work together with a common agenda and indicators of success to solve a social problem, and its. View the archived webinar.
  • Putting Federal Policies to Work, June 2015
    The FPN project hosted this webinar on how local and state food policy councils (FPCs) have the potential to benefit from, and even influence, food system policies and regulations at the federal level. View the archived webinar and read the accompanying how-to guide.
  • Funding Food Policy Councils Webinar, March 2015
    The FPN project hosted a webinar to discuss how to overcome common funding challenges for food policy councils, how policy and advocacy fit into a foundation’s mission, and how to maintain relationships with funders. View the archived webinar and read the accompanying case study report.
  • Opportunities for Networking across Jurisdictions, February 2015
    FPN teamed up with the Institute for Public Health Innovation to host a webinar discussing how groups can network across geographies to maximize impact and effectiveness of policy changes. View the archived webinar.
  • Southeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG) Annual Conference, January 14-15, 2015
    Anne Palmer, Mark Winne, and Paula Daniels (Founder of the LA Food Policy Council) hosted a pre-conference training called “Food Policy Councils: Building the Southeast Region's Food Policy Capacity” at the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference. This training brought together 20 food policy leaders from the region for the first time.
  • NESAWG Annual Conference, November 11-12, 2014
    Mark Winne and Anne Palmer led a food policy council workshop at the 2014 Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. More information
  • Food Policy Council Movement Webinar, October 2014
    Food Day, Roots of Change, and FPN brought together food policy councils from across the country for a conversation on their collective work. View the archived webinar.
  • Chesapeake Region Food Policy Leadership Training Institute, October 2014
    CLF staff and visiting guests with extensive experience in local, state and federal food policy offered this training to improve the capacity of new and existing food policy councils and similar organizations in the Chesapeake region. The training focused on leadership development to influence food policy development and implementation, including organizational development, policy interventions and policy strategies, and communication. More information
  • New England Food Policy Council Convening, July 2014
    Over 50 people representing over 20 food policy councils from across the six New England states met in Leominster, Massachusetts, to share their interests and concerns about the region's food policies. This was the first time that New England's FPCs had met "face-to-face.” Mark Winne, Senior Advisor to the Food Policy Networks Projects at Center for a Livable Future, was a co-facilitator.
  • Grantmakers in Health Webinar, July 2014
    Anne Palmer and Mark Winne gave a general overview of local food policy and the Food Policy Networks project to help attract and reach funders not familiar with the food system. The two spoke alongside representatives of foundations currently focusing on food and health policy and advocacy, giving participants examples of opportunities for how this work is complimentary to traditional health funders.