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Advisory Committee

George Reistad

George ReistadGeorge Reistad serves as the Food Policy Director for the City of Madison, Wisconsin. George comes from a sustainable agriculture and local food systems background, formerly advocating for and advancing state and national policies related to agricultural conservation, local food market development, and creating programming on civic engagement around food systems for Wisconsin middle and high-schoolers.

In his role at the City of Madison, George focuses on creating and continuing programs and advancing policies that increase food access for residents of the City, with particular focus being paid to initiatives that create healthy affordable food access and build more robust community food systems. Examples of initiatives that George has worked on in this role include:

  • Assisting community gardens in the City through the Gardens Network partnership
  • Launching a Wholesome Wave-funded Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) Program on the Northside of Madison
  • Staffing the Madison Food Policy Council, which uses the expertise and dedication of community volunteers to create and move food-based policies through the City process
  • Managing -- with partners Community Action Coalition of South Central Wisconsin, the Willy Street Co-op, and Public Health of Madison and Dane Co. -- the City of Madison’s Double Dollars Program
    • The Double Dollars Program increases the purchasing power of SNAP (FoodShare in Wisconsin) users at participating Farmers Market (6 markets throughout the city) and all three Willy Street Co-op locations

For more information on the City of Madison Food Policy and Programs: