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Advisory Committee

Krysten Aguilar

Krysten Aguilar Krysten Aguilar is the Co-Director of Policy and Admin at La Semilla Food Center where she oversees all policy advocacy efforts and financial & administrative functions of the organization. Krysten led the initiative to get the Las Cruces Urban Agriculture and Food Policy Plan passed – the first of its kind in New Mexico - and is now leading efforts for a county-wide Healthy Food Financing Initiative. She is one part of a four-woman leadership team, driving La Semilla's mission of creating a fair and sustainable local food system and riding on the frontier of nonprofit development with an innovative leadership model, holistic programming, and using food systems work as a tool for racial and gender healing. Krysten holds a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Eastern New Mexico University and a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from New Mexico State University.

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Twitter: @centerforgoodfood