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The power of food

Welcome to The Power of Food: Cultivating equitable policy through collective action, scheduled for September 20-22, 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) is organizing the first-ever in-person national forum for food policy councils and similar groups.

Who should attend?

  • Are you part of a food policy council or considering starting one?
  • Are you seeking to change your local food system?
  • Do you need a new perspective on food and farm policy work?

How is the Forum different from a conference?

A forum is a place or event where people exchange ideas and discuss issues, especially important public issues. Unlike a conference, we are not inviting formal presentations; we want to use this time and space to strengthen relationships, recognize our collective power, share experiences, learn new skills and re-energize for action. We may ask for volunteers to talk about their experiences to initiate a discussion, but we want to avoid “talking at” participants in such a way that discourages conversations.

What is radical hospitality?

One of the guiding principles for this event is radical hospitality, whereby we will strive to create an equitable space that invites and welcomes people from all walks of life and listens to their contributions. We particularly want for those that tend to go unheard to feel engaged and empowered to share, disagree and act. All are welcome.

The Forum will take place at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. Registration will open in May 2021. Sign-up here for regular updates. Learn more about what to expect due to COVID here.