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Food Policy Council Report 2018 (2019)

By Karen Bassarab, Raychel Santo, Anne Palmer

This report summarizes results from the annual food policy council (FPC) survey conducted in 2018 by the Center for a Livable Future. This report reflects responses from 278 FPCs, including 40 FPCs in Canada, 236 FPCs in the United States, and two Native American FPCs. The report provides an overview of the state of FPCs in the United States and Canada, including their organizational structure, age, geographic focus, approximate annual budget, membership, policy and organizational priorities and relationship to government. In 2018, the FPN project added questions to the survey to explore the community engagement and advocacy activities of FPCs. These questions serve to identify at what levels of government and how FPCs are advocating for policy change, how they are engaging community members and what factors and relationships influence their policy priorities. The survey serves to track the progress and inform the understanding of the similarities and differences among FPCs in the United States and Canada, and guide resource development and technical assistance provided by FPN for FPCs. FPN also makes the data available to other researchers to reduce duplicative information requests of FPCs.