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Photo: Growing Together (2020)

By Olivia May

My 2020 food system looks like a community growing together. I spent the fall of 2020 as a Community Education Intern at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project in New York’s Hudson Valley. While lending a hand to the farm crew harvesting carrots I came across an intertwined pair that managed to grow together. To me it looks as though they are hugging. In the current climate a sense of togetherness can be rare, but it is something I found volunteering at an urban farm. Not pictured here is a group of volunteers who took time on a cold fall afternoon to minimize food waste and help support a local not-for-profit. In these carrots I can see a cooperative food system, growing together, intertwined with justice and joy. By downloading this image, you agree to use the photo within the context that it was taken. You also agree to never use it for commercial purposes. The image always belongs to the original photographer and should be attributed to the photographer and Center for a Livable Future Food Policy Networks Photo Contest. Image credit: Olivia May; CLF Food Policy Networks Photo Contest, 2020