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Photo: Uplifting (2020)

By Liz Marron

Local foods and art were literally "uplifted" in the form of this stunning hand-painted sign done by farmer & artist CaRi ConaRi and her companion, Tom Robinson, pictured here. Summer of 2020 marked the Farm Stand's grand opening on-site at the Rio GrandeFarm Park, located right at the entrance of Alamosa. The burst of color, seen from the highway, is a welcoming beacon to travelers and locals alike. Open three days a week, the Farm Stand provides additional opportunities for farmers to sell produce and for members of the community to access fresh food outside of the Farmer's Market. The organic goods aren’t only for cash-paying customers – farmers were reimbursed through a Farm-to-Pantry grant for delivering their leftover crop to organizations serving low-income individuals. Run by community volunteers and the farmers themselves, the Farm Stand was an interface between the buyer and the grower; it offered a mutual transaction with connection, love, and spirit in a time when the community needed it most. By downloading this image, you agree to use the photo within the context that it was taken. You also agree to never use it for commercial purposes. The image always belongs to the original photographer and should be attributed to the photographer and Center for a Livable Future Food Policy Networks Photo Contest. Image credit: Liz Marron; CLF Food Policy Networks Photo Contest, 2020