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Photo: Berry Time (2020)

By Brittany Ebeling

The Schumacher Center for a New Economics, located amidst the rolling hills of the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts, dedicates its efforts toward building a regenerative economy based on the health and robustness of local economies. In this spirit, it advocates for the use of collective land ownership models like Community Land Trusts, the rematriation of lands to indigenous ownership, and land gifting as a form of reparations to communities of color. The organization advocates for these models not only because decommodifying land, water, and air sustains communities in an equitable fashion, but also because removing land from the speculative market and placing it in community control liberates small-scale farmers to farm regeneratively over decades, rather than focusing simply on the quickest way to turn a profit from the soil using monoculture or extractive methods. The Schumacher Center itself sits on land which belongs to a Community Land Trust; the orchard it overlooks and the garden one of its leaseholders (and the organization’s founder) cultivates epitomizes the ecological imperatives of liberating the land for sustainable, gentle cultivation practices. Here, raspberry-picking season is featured in several stages—at the height of summertime’s abundance, the collection of its fruits, and preservation in jam jars to be enjoyed for months to come. By downloading this image, you agree to use the photo within the context that it was taken. You also agree to never use it for commercial purposes. The image always belongs to the original photographer and should be attributed to the photographer and Center for a Livable Future Food Policy Networks Photo Contest. Image credit: Brittany Ebeling; CLF Food Policy Networks Photo Contest, 2020